Hi, I'm Joshua Kin.

Joshua Kin

About Joshua

Hello you, my name is Joshua and I'm human. At least I think I am. The odds are quite good ;-)

Besides just doing what every human being does (btw. what is that?), I love to develop blazing-fast and nice websites.

When I'm not working in my agency, I like to go mountainbiking.

web development from Joshua Kin | blaueQuelle


Yes, I like to code.

Professionally working with PHP, HTML, CSS and JS since 2011.

Some random specs (I heard lists are fancy)

  • ❤️ ProcessWire and Eleventy
  • Fan of clean, simple and minimalistic code
  • My technical mother tongue is PHP, but since Node.js evolved a lot during the last years, also JavaScript TypeScript comes into play
  • SCSS > CSS
  • Vue > React > Angular (Svelte looks also nice!)
  • Vanilla JS > huge Framework / Library
  • Native > Polyfill

Interested in working with me? More details at my company website www.blaueQuelle.de.

Joshua Kin Mountainbiking


Riding a mountainbike is just … awesome!

I enjoy biking through the forests and mountains.
Is it a single trail? Let's ride!
You wanna go to a bike park? I'm in!

Seriously, I like to ride the bike. That's why I teach riding technique workshops at trailtech.

You wanna see more of my bike stuff? Follow me at Instagram: j0shua.mtb